Worker-owned cooperative businesses are entities managed democratically by workers under the principle one member one vote in the decision making process of the organization.

Alianza CUSP’s Worker-owned cooperative businesses offer high quality services and products in different industries. 

Advocacy Program

The advocacy program aims to connect cooperative worker-owners to coalitions that promote equity and labor rights  for all workers in New York regardless of the workers place of origin, or identity. 


  • Join and support coalitions that advocate for workers’ rights in New York
  • Give cooperative worker-owners tools to contribute to the public agenda in New York
  • Open opportunities for cooperative worker-owners to participate in leadership positions inside the advocacy coalitions

Leadership development Program

The leadership development program creates a platform for cooperative worker-owners to develop leadership through trainings and hands-on experience. For this purpose Alianza CUSP, alongside the Center for Family Life, sponsors the Leadership Institute and the Leadership Retreat.

The Leadership Institute provides stipends training during four months to a cohort comprised of worker-owners on leadership, management, and social justice skills so that participants can apply the acquired knowledge in their cooperative businesses and advocacy campaigns.

The Leadership Retreat provides a three day unique learning experience to worker-owners where participants can focus on sharing experiences, connecting to peers from other cooperatives, and live the cooperativism culture.


  • Worker-owners have access to high quality leadership and management training.
  • Knowledge and tools acquired are useful for worker-owners in their daily activities as leaders of the community and managers of their businesses.
  • Inspire worker-owners to get involved in the cooperative movement in any way they feel comfortable.

Direct Service Program

The direct service program aims to implement the value of cooperativism by sharing resources among cooperative businesses to create services that will benefit them equally. This program also implements cooperativism by managing the common services together. Alianza CUSP offers the following services and support:

  • Shared office space

  • Shared office manager

  • Business management trainings

  • Introductory workshops about Cooperative Businesses

  • Bookkeeping assistance

  • Tax filing assistance

  • Marketing assistance


  • Reduce cost of services required by cooperative businesses

  • Assist businesses with compliance with their tax responsibilities

  • Strengthen internal capacity of the co-ops to manage their businesses