Become a member

If your cooperative is interested in becoming a member of Alianza CUSP, here is how.

The interested worker-owned cooperative needs to comply with the following requirements.

About its commitment with the cooperative movement:

  • Be committed to the values and universal principles of cooperatives including democracy, social justice, cooperation among cooperatives, and commitment to the community.
  • To be a cooperative that belongs to and is controlled by its workers.
  • The service provided by the cooperative must be given by the owner-members.

About its internal operation:

  • To be a cooperative doing business already.
  • To be committed to provide high quality products/ services to its clients
  • The cooperative can be located in any geographic location of NYC

About its commitment with Alianza CUSP:

  • Be willing to become an active member
  • To be in agreement with the mission of Alianza CUSP.
  • Respect Alianza CUSP’s policies
  • Regardless of where the business is located, each member needs to assign a representative to the general meetings.

About the process to become a member:

  • Send a written document stipulating intention to become a member of CUSP at
  • CUSP members will invite you to have an interview to get to know your organization and respond to any questions you might have.
  • If the interview is positive, CUSP will invite you to join as a provisional member for three months
  • As provisional member you must participate in all member meetings. You also are going to have access to almost all benefits members have.
  • After the completion of the three month provisional period, CUSP’s membership will vote to accept or cancel your membership.

Requirements to become an Active Member.

  • To attend to all member meetings during the provisional period.
  • If your membership is accepted after the provisional period, you must pay the annual membership of $300. This membership fee is paid every year for three consecutive years. Starting the fourth year as member the  fee is reduced to $100 per year.

  Alianza CUSP’s Worker-owned cooperative businesses offer high quality services and products in different industries.


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