Advocacy Program

The advocacy program aims to connect cooperative worker-owners to coalitions that promote equal rights for all workers in New York regardless of the workers´ place of origin.


  • Join and support coalitions that advocate for workers’ rights in New York
  • Give cooperative worker-owners tools to contribute to the public agenda in New York
  • Open opportunities for cooperative worker-owners to participate in leadership positions inside the advocacy coalitions


Leadership development Program

The leadership development program aims to create a platform for cooperative worker-owners to develop leadership through trainings and hands-on experience. For this purpose CUSP, alongside the Center for Family Life, created the Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute provides training during four months to a cohort comprised of worker-owners on leadership, management, and social justice skills so that participants can apply the acquired knowledge and skills in their cooperative businesses and advocacy campaigns they are part of.


  • Worker-owners have access to high quality leadership and management training.
  • Knowledge and tools acquired are useful for worker-owners in their daily activities as leaders of the community and managers of their businesses.


Direct Service Program

The direct service program offers affordable technical assistance, trainings, and services to start-up cooperative businesses that cannot afford to pay market rates on their own. CUSP offers the following services and support:

  • Shared office space
  • Shared office manager
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business management trainings
  • Introductory workshops about Cooperative Businesses
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Tax filing assistance
  • Marketing assistance


  • Provide affordable services needed for small cooperative businesses
  • Assist businesses with compliance with their tax responsibilities
  • Strengthen internal capacity to manage their businesses