About Us

Worker-owned cooperative businesses are entities managed democratically by workers under the principle one member one vote in the decision making process of the organization.

Alianza CUSP’s Worker-owned cooperative businesses offer high quality services and products in different industries. 

Alianza CUSP was formed in June 2013 when representatives of three cooperative businesses (Sí Se Puede, Beyond Care and Golden Steps) and the Center for Family Life identified a need to create a space to share experiences and knowledge, grow together as businesses, and be part of a social movement for immigrant workers in the neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. After three years of strategy planning, Alianza CUSP was incorporated in 2016 as a 501 (c)(3) non-for-profit membership organization.


Alianza CUSP envisions the creation of  a just economy, where workers’ rights and access to resources are guaranteed for everybody, regardless of the workers ethnicity or place of origin.  


We advocate for immigrant workers’ rights, develop social leadership in the worker-owned business community, and provide direct services to startup cooperative businesses.


  • Workers have a voice and decision-making power in the economy
  • Language equality
  • Equal access to information

CUSP believes in the International Cooperative Principles

  • Voluntary and open membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training, and information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives
  • Concern for community

Board of Directors

  • Joseph Rivera. President
  • Adriana Mendoza. Vice-President
  • Carlos Martinez. Treasurer
  • Susana Peralta. Sub-Treasurer
  • Gladys Arriaga. Secretary


  • Catherine Salazar. Office Manager


  • Beyond Care Childcare Cooperative
  • Golden Steps Elder Care Cooperative
  • Sunset Scholars Tutoring Cooperative
  • Trusty Amigos Dog Walking and Pet Care Cooperative
  • Pa’lante Green Cleaning Cooperative
  • Maharlika Office Cleaning Cooperative

External Consultants

  • Juan Cuautle. Organizational Developer. In-kind support by the Center for Family Life
  • Rachel Israeli. Leadership Institute Coordinator. In-kind support by the Center for Family Life